Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Vascular Casting

Here are steps to make vascular cast of mudskipper:

Step 1. mudskipper is anesthetized.
Step 2. mudskipper is supinely mounted on an operating table, the gills is continuously irrigated with air-saturated water (salinity:17%) containing 0.5 ml /l 2-phenoxyethanol.
Step 3. The fused pelvic fins are carefully removed and a small amount of heparin (10,000 IU /ml) is injected through the ventricle to inhibit blood coagulation. (0.3 ml).
Step 4. A small incision in the ventricle permitted insertion of a flared polyethylene tubing up to the bulbus arteriosus.
Step 5. The tubing was secured by a ligature at the junction of the bulbus and the ventricle.
Step 6. The sinus venosus is cutted
Step 7. The vasculature is flushed with a 0.9% NaCl solution.